PCP stands for Precharged-Pneumatic, this weapons technology is air based instead of relying in traditional pyrotechnic firearm technology. PCP weapons come in both pistol and rifle platforms ranging in calibers from .177 – .50. Generally speaking, the smaller the caliber the greater the velocity of the round. There are multiple brands of manufacturers and multiple firing methods such as semi-automatic and lever action. These weapons have an internal compressed gas chamber that can maintain pressures of 2000 – 3000 psi, which is what propels the projectile down range at the pull of the trigger. These guns are typically charged by scuba tanks or high-end hand pumps.


PCP guns can be used for plinking, but most are used for hunting, bringing down game as large as deer and wild hogs. PCP guns while NOT considered less lethal can still be an effective means of self defense in areas where standard firearms may be hard to obtain.