Taser has long been the go to brand for less lethal electroshock weapons and AXON, Taser’s parent company has an impressive line up of solutions. One of them is the Taser X26P, a new and improved version of the Taser X26 a weapon that has been in use by law enforcement for over a decade. The weapon features an integrated laser sight and LED flashlight as well as an ambidextrous thumb safety. The weapon is a single shot system just like it’s predecessor and also offers the same contact stun capability as any other Taser system. The technology works by firing two darts through compressed gas at an attacker up to fifteen feet away, once both darts penetrate the target the Neuro-Muscular Incapacitation (NMI) temporarily overrides the attacker’s central nervous system, limiting muscular control for five seconds. The weapon can be reactivated at the pull of the trigger. The X26P features a long life replaceable battery which provides 50 firings and a data port that records the weapon’s usage. Each Taser cartridge contains AFIDs (anti-felon id tags) that spread out like confetti when the cartridge is activated and can be traced back to the user for purposes of recording events by law enforcement. AXON offers a safe escape guarantee on each of it’s Taser products which will replace a weapon in the event that the weapon needs to be left behind so that the user can escape a threatening situation.

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