A less lethal and compact self defense solution, the MAGMA Personal Safety System. This system is a multipurpose flash light, pepper spray, and personal safety alarm all in one. The pepper spray has an effective range of approximately 19 feet or 6 meters. FDA approved plant based tear gas agent with two million SHU OC gas and two types of practice gas  and five million SHU OC gas (operational). The tear gas/OC agent comes in 15ml cartridges and each provides approximately 20 consecutive firings. The self defense spray is activated through a piston operation in stead of a gun powder or compressed gas delivery system. A powerful 130db alarm can be activated to let others in the surrounding area know that the user is in trouble and attract unwanted attention to any would be threat. The (S) version of the MAGMA includes a home security system that can be activated by hanging the device off of a door handle and gets triggered by vibration or motion and sets off an alarm. The system also features a double safety to prevent accidental discharges.


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