It’s a well known fact that in lieu on a firearm, a baseball bat can be a great defensive weapon. But old school style Louisville Sluggers can splinter, crack, and break. Aluminum bats are good but are also prone to wear and tear. Cold Steel is a company known for making high quality edged weapons and knives that come with a life time warranty, but it would seems that they have also taken notice of the defensive capabilities of the traditional bat. Therefore they created one that is almost indestructible made of modern day polymer composite. Their solution is the “Brooklyn Whooper” measuring at 38″ and weighing 48.3 oz/ 3.02 lbs.  To give some perspective to this measurement most baseball bats used in sport today weigh between 34-36 oz. When the user swings this indestructible bat they will deliver a substantial blow to the target. This could be a great tool for homes in areas where owning a firearm is close to impossible.

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