Piexon is a defense company that specializes in advanced pepper spray self defense solutions. They are the same company that have produced the JPX and JPX4 for both law enforcement and consumer less lethal defense use. However the JPX and JPX4 both retail in the $300- $500 range. However they do have a more cost effective solution called the Pepper Blaster which utilizes the same Piexol OC solution that the JPX and JPX4 cartridges use. The Pepper Blaster is currently being marketed by Kimber Firearms as a less lethal solution as an additional carry for firearm users who wish to have multiple force options available. The Pepper Blaster 2 is a two shot unit meant to be discarded after it’s been used. It features a semiautomatic firing mechanism and fires the two shots via pyrotechnic discharge much like traditional firearms but is not considered a firearm. It’s effective reach is not as far as the JPX or JPX4, but it does offer a range of thirteen feet. The weapon features fixed sights for targeting and a small nub which acts as a pistol grip. There is a safety inside the trigger guard which is meant to prevent accidental discharge when being carried without a holster in a purse or pocket. The Pepper Blaster is available in both gray and red and additional accessories such as retention holsters are available.

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