When it comes to self defense you need solutions that are effective and easily accessible. One great option are self defense keychains which are either made out of impact resistant plastics or in some cases metal alloy. This has been an ever growing trend in the United States amongst civilians and they can serve as a great last ditch defense tool. One such tool is the Brutus Bulldog which is made to fit onto a civilians keychain and constructed of extremely tough plastic composite. Since this item is meant to attach to keychains it makes it extremely accessible and convenient since most people carry keys with them on a daily basis. The Brutus Bulldog acts similar in fashion to old school brass knuckles as it is meant to be used in a punching motion and it’s pointed ears can be used to slash and gouge at an attacker. The eyes of Brutus are where the user would insert their index and middle fingers to attain a secure grip, the eye sockets are sized for up to a size 13 ring size. The dimensions measure 3.5″ by 2.5″ and it is available in several colors for personal preference and unisex carry.

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