AXON formerly Taser International recently released a new ECD weapon for the consumer market known as the Taser Pulse. This new weapon is said to deliver the same stopping power as the law enforcement models such as the X26 and X26P. Unlike the previously released Taser Bolt this new platform is designed similarly to a compact semiautomatic pistol in order to provide shooters with a familiar feel in use. The unit incapacitates it’s target via controlled pulses for 30 seconds through electric probes that feature fish hook darts which are fired from the weapon using compressed gas, not gun powder. The built in battery provides enough life for 50 firings of the weapon. The weapon provides a 15 foot engagement distance and a one shot capacity with the same touch stun capability as all other Taser units. The Taser Pulse has a shaved ambidextrous thumb safety, integrated laser and LED flashlight by the front of the trigger guard, as well as angled sights and battery indictor. The unit is covered by Taser’s safe escape policy which will replace the unit if it is used in self defense and needs to be left behind at the crime scene. The user only needs to provide a police report to AXON in order to receive the replacement unit. Since this unit is compact it is easily concealable in a purse, jacket, and most pockets.

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