Why less lethal? This a question asked by many, but consider the following. Above is a graph used by many law enforcement and security professionals when learning about use of force options and levels. Deadly force should always be a last resort. In many instances a firm and confident voice and posture will be enough to deescalate a potentially hazardous and violent situation. But when this fails “soft techniques” and “hard techniques” may be suitable to hinder further aggression and violence. Tools such as pepper spray and kubatons can be used in a less harmful manner in order to force compliance and stop an unwanted action. If this approach fails the next level of force may be warranted and authorized prior to the final stage of lethal use of force. Tools and weapons such as impact launchers both in compressed air format and pyrotechnic discharge can be enough to stop attackers and violent aggressors.

In many parts of America and throughout the world access to firearms by civilians is either prohibited or hard to attain. Some house holds realize a need for protection but don’t want a traditional firearm in the house for a variety of reasons. In circumstances such as these there are options which can provide further distance than having to go hands on or using a striking implement to deter an aggressor. Some of these include weapons such as ECDs (electronic control devices) like Tasers and Phazzers which provides the user with a 15 foot distance from the attacker and disables them through the use of electric pulses that temporarily hijacks the target’s nervous system. Additionally there are CO2 and compressed gas guns such as the ones provided by SALT, PepperBall, and a variety of other companies which convert paintball markers for less lethal use. Other options that use pyrotechnic discharge like traditional firearms but with less lethality include devices such as the Defenzia (M09 & M11), Piexon (JPX & JPX4), Lamperd Less Lethal (Defender 1 & Defender 2), and Bruzer.

In short there are many levels of force that can be applied prior to escalating to the final use of force which often times results in great bodily harm and/or death. There are also a variety of tools and weapons that are available to both the consumer market and law enforcement market that can manage a situation and minimize loss of life in threatening situations.