From the Switzerland based company Piexon comes their latest solution in less lethal OC firepower called the JPX4. Piexon revolutionized the consumer defense market several years ago when they first unveiled their JPX Jet Protector; a two-shot semi automatic pistol that fired blasts of OC gel at distances previously unseen from compact platforms. Their system uses a pyrotechnic charge, just like a traditional firearm to deliver a payload down range, but instead of a lethal round the device fires a hot blast of OC. The JPX systems use their own proprietary OC called Piexol which is rated a 400kS, which will cause extreme burning to the eyes, skin, and difficulty breathing to any exposed target. The JPX4 is the newer four-shot variant of the original system, but the newer platform uses an open breach reload for the cartridges rather than a replaceable barrel system found on the original JPX platform. The firing mechanism is mechanical and delivers the OC down range at 590 fps with a distance of 23 feet. There are two version available; the compact (CP) and standard (LE) which includes a laser for targeting. Either model comes with fixed blade sights at the top of the weapon. This force is strong enough to wrap around sunglasses and penetrate ski masks. Piexon does have various accessory options such as holsters for concealed carry and flash lights for mounting under the trigger guard.


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