Tiberius Arms is a company that specializes in serious paintball gear. One of their items is the Tiberius Arms T8 paintball pistol. This platform has been used by many other “less lethal” companies as a primary defensive pistol for less lethal application. Some of these include the Pepper Ball TMP pistol, SWAT C8 pistol, and the FN 303P. This pistol platform has been proven more reliable than it’s counterpart produced by Tippman (TiPX) which has also been used in a variety of  “less lethal” applications such as the SALT Pepper Spray Gun. The issue is that most of the variations of the Tiberius Arms T8 marketed by FN and Pepperball aren’t sold to the general public. However, as a civilian one can buy the original platform from a variety of online retailers such as Amazon. Once a consumer has purchased this pistol they can outfit it with less lethal ammo options such as .68 caliber pepper-ball rounds and glass breaker rounds(hard nylon filled projectiles) for less lethal self defense application. Pepper filled balls tend to cause difficulties in breathing to the target and it’s surrounding areas, this includes difficulties in seeing and temporary blindness. The glass breaker rounds are usually deployed by law enforcement agencies to break through automobile windshields in hostage situations, so you can be assured that they will hurt significantly more than a standard paintball would. The weapon has a 8 round capacity, and each magazine holds it’s own 12 gram Co2 cartridge which is used as the propellant for the projectile.  Some packages come with a holster and spare magazines for speedy reloads. The platform can be outfitted with add-ons such as butt stocks, optics, front hand grips, and lasers.

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