Sam Yang produces some of the most powerful precharged pneumatic (PCP) air rifles in the industry. These rifles are primarily used for hunting small to large game, which also means that they have the power to put down a man as well. The rifles produced by Sam Yang come in a variety of calibers including 9mm (855 fps), .357, .45 (730 fps), and .50 caliber (679 fps). The rifles are single-shot and feature rifled barrels, they are generally bolt-action as well. They have fixed front sight, and fully adjustable removable rear sight. Some Sam Yang rifles feature dual air chambers (500cc total air capacity) with a 3,000 psi max fill pressure and built-in manometer. Most also feature two power levels (first bolt stop is low power, second is high as well as hardwood Monte Carlo stocks with checkered forearm & grip.

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