Hatsan is a company based in Turkey that produces a variety of shotguns and PCP air guns. One of their air gun lines is the Galatian. There are a few variants of this lever action rifle; the Galatian 1, Galatian 2, Galatian 3, Galatian 4, and Galatian 5/TS. Various Galatian models also feature QE technology (Quiet Energy) which acts as a type of suppressor on the rifle and reduces noise approximately 32% compared to the un-silenced Galatian).  The Galatian rifles are available in two styles; all black tactical with mounted rail systems, or, classic walnut and stainless. The rifle features a rotary magazine which provides various capacities based on the caliber. The .177 features 16 rounds, The .22 has 14 rounds, and 13 rounds in the .25 caliber. The rifle has a side lever bolt-action with cocking indicator and a 200 bar (2,900 psi) max fill pressure. The rifled steel barrel, ambidextrous synthetic or walnut stock, vertically adjustable comb textured grip and forearm are just some of the nice features available to the handler. Integrated rail accepts weaver or 11mm mounts, 3 picatinny rails on forearm and 2-stage adjustable Quattro trigger** (adjustable travel and pull weight). The Galatians also feature metal trigger and trigger guard, and the anti-double-feed mechanism prevents more than one pellet from loading when gun has been fully cocked. Adjustable recoil pad (vertical, horizontal and angle), extra mag storage in the belly of the butt stock, and mounted sling swivel studs are other features which make this rifle a nice piece for hunting or self defense. The removable air reservoir has a built-in manometer (air pressure gauge) 255cc air reservoir volume. The Galatian provides up to 48 optimal shots per fill in .177 caliber (24 ft-lbs. of energy), 42 optimal shots per fill in .22 caliber (36 ft-lbs. of energy), 39 optimal shots per fill in .25 caliber (40 ft-lbs. of energy). The Galatian is ideal for hunting up to medium-size quarry. The standard package includes hard case, various o-rings, reservoir bleed valve, 1/8 BSPP probe with male threads, 2 rotary clips, sling, sling swivel studs, sling swivels and owner’s manual.

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