Evanix produces a variety of PCP (precharged pneumatic) guns such as pistols and rifles. Some are traditional style rifles, while others are more modern bullpup styled. The Evanix Rainstorm is one of the bullpup style rifles and features a shrouded barrel and comes in a variety of calibers. The .177 caliber offers 13 rounds. The .22 caliber offers 11 rounds. The .25 caliber offers 10 rounds. The 9mm offers a 7 round capacity. The Evanix Rainstorm functions via a side lever cocking mechanism and features an ambidextrous metal stock 2-stage adjustable trigger with a 6-lb. trigger-pull. The Evanix Rainstorm also has a built-in manometer or air pressure gauge which allows the operator to see how much charge/ how many shots are available on the gun. There is a manual safety and weaver rail for accessories such as sights, lights, and lasers. The Evanix Rainstorm functions on 3000 max psi fill which allows up to 45 shots per fill and has a 250cc air tank.

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