The Evanix Max-ML is a bullpup precharged pneumatic (PCP) side lever air rifle. It is available in a wide variety of calibers including; .22 which provides 11 rounds, .25 which provides 10 rounds, .30 which provides 8 rounds, 9mm which provides 7 rounds, .45 which provides 6 rounds, and a whopping .50 with 5 rounds of stopping power. The built-in manometer (air pressure gauge) is a 290cc steel air reservoir 2900 psi fill (200 bar). It has a shrouded barrel with a 2.6-lb. trigger-pull.The Evanix Max-ML features an ambidextrous synthetic thumbhole stock, textured pistol grip with finger grooves 2-stage non-adjustable trigger, and a manual safety. The .22 cal. provides 22 shots per fill, .25 cal. has20 shots per fill,  9mm has 14 shots per fill. Overall the Evanix Max-ML looks like a badass bullpup PCP with versatile caliber options and plenty of stopping power.

Standard packages includes fill probe and 2 mags (.45- and .50-cal. guns come with only 1 mag). 9mm performs best with JSB and Air Venturi pellets but tends to jam with Eun Jin pellets. .45 and 50 cal. mags accept ammo up to .600″ long. Do not use .457″ round balls in the .45 cal. magazine. Do not use ammo weighing more than 204 grains. 176 grain .45 caliber semi-wadcutter is not recommended. The .45 caliber air gun has a .453″ bore diameter, and the barrel has 16 grooves with 1:15 right-hand twist. Do not use the Air Venturi bullet with the steel-tipped nose for the .50 caliber magazine as there may be problems with the fit.

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