There is a new less lethal self defense product out on the consumer market that is being manufactured by UMAREX in partnership with Walther firearms. Their new less lethal platform is called the Walther PDP (personal defense pistol). It is not a firearm, but a pepper spray device similar to that of the MACE Pepper Gun. It works off of an aerosol OC canister that is inserted into the main body of the weapon where the muzzle and slide would be located on a traditional firearm. The Walther PDP has an effective range of six meters or 19 feet. The device comes in various colors such as black, white, and pink so the user has the option to carry a weapon that is easily distinguishable from a standard firearm. There are three different cartridges for the device which include; the Walther Pepper Cartridge, Walther Pepper Gel Cartridge, and Walther Training Cartridge. The Walther PDP features the same ergonomic grips as other Walther pistols and a pistol grip safety. The spray also contains a UV dye which can aid law enforcement officers in detecting individuals who have been sprayed by the device.

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