MACE is a company that specializes in personal defense and security products. Their products range from personal alarms, stun guns, and self defense sprays in various forms. One of their items is the MACE Pepper Spray Gun which is a compact device in which the user inserts a 28 gram OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) can into the muzzle and activates it by pulling the trigger. Unlike some other device out there on the market the OC is delivered via compressed air instead of a pyrotechnic charge like the Defenzia or JPX. The OC is 10% formula which is on the lower spectrum of law enforcement strength. The formula also contains UV dye which can help law enforcement officials identify suspects after a hostile and potentially dangerous encounter. The device offers a maximum range of 20 feet and between 6-7 prays per can. There is also an external safety located where the hammer spur on a traditional firearm would be. Some models also come with a built in LED light which is activated upon the pull of the trigger which aids in low-light aiming conditions. There are additional accessories available for the device such as holsters and training cartridges filled with water instead of the defense spray.

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