A company called Guard Dog Security markets and manufacturers a wide array of less lethal self defense products for law enforcement, private security, and everyday consumers. One of the items is a combination of rugged steel baton and bright flashlight with concealed high voltage stun technology. This is the TITAN flashlight which is constructed of type 3 aircraft grade aluminum. The flashlight/baton measures 18.5 inches in length. The device has a three stage switch; off, light, and stun. The flashlight it self produces a bright 260 lumens and the concealed stun technology housed in the crown of the light packs 7,500,000 volts of power. The light’s life span is rated for 100,000 hours and the internal battery is rechargeable.  There is also an external over-ride/safety button at the butt of the baton which also glows in the dark. The device comes with both a wall and car charger to provide the user with versatile charging options.

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