FN Herstal is a defense company that creates a wide variety of weapons for military, law enforcement, and private citizens. The company has been around for over 125 years and headquartered in Herstal Belgium. One of the branches of FN Herstal is focused on development of less lethal technology and one of their less lethal weapons is called the FN 303. The FN 303 is a less lethal carbine powered by compressed air, similar to a paintball gun. The FN 303 uses a fifteen round drum magazine with a clear backing so that the user can see how many rounds remain and what types of loads are loaded in the weapon.

The types of ammo available for this weapon system are impact, impact+paint, impact + indelible paint, impact + irritating effect, impact with inert powder. The manufacturer claims accuracy at 50 meters and stopping power of 30 -25 joules. The FN 303 is a semi automatic platform and recommend for the following missions:

  • Crowd control
  • Neutralization of violent or suicidal individuals
  • Surveillance and protection of sensitive areas
  • Traffic control
  • Security in large public events
  • Peacekeeping in civilian areas
  • Neutralization of dangerous animals
  • Hostage situations (without firearms)
  • Border control
  • Intervention in areas and situations where firearms should not be used

The .68 caliber rounds use fin stabilization for greater accuracy and truer flight patterns. The individual rounds can be identified through the color coding. The FN 303 is currently only being marketed to military, police, and security forces.

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