Defenzia LLC is a privately held defense company that has it’s U.S. head quarters based in Phoenix Arizona. The company specializes in less lethal and tactical weapons solutions for federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. They offer several products, one of which is a less lethal firearm/pistol called the Defenzia M09. The weapon is setup as a quadruple barrel pistol, similar to that of a derringer. The weapon also features an integrated green laser sight and an electronic trigger. Even though the cartridges are activated through an electronic charge the weapon does NOT require a battery to fire it’s payload.

The weapon is very versatile and suitable for a variety of applications and/or law enforcement units such as regular patrol all the way to SWAT. The weapon fires a wide range of ammunitions such as .55 caliber rubber bullets, military grade OC pepper gel, flash bangs, SOS flares, and search flares. The .55 caliber rubber bullets leave the weapon at 400 fps, has an effective range of 90 feet, and packs 68 ft/lbs of energy. The OC pepper gel is 95% concentrated which is extremely effective in stopping threats as most agencies in the U.S. use a mix of 10% -20%. The flash bangs don’t have any wading or projectiles that shoot out of the firearm, but it generates a deafening 145 dB bang and a blinding 5 million candela flash. The SOS flares are available in red, green, and yellow which can be useful for any law enforcement agency that has color-coded emergencies. The search flare is used for both search & rescue as well as anti-smuggling units, the flare shoots up 250 feet in the air and creates a 300 foot dome of light that lasts for about 6.5 seconds.

The weapon system was originally developed by the Russian Institute of Sciences fifteen years ago and has since been deployed in Germany, Israel, Brazil, and the United States. In the United States the weapon is only available to law enforcement as it is considered an NFA firearm due to the fact that it is a .55 caliber platform and is technically barrel-less as the cartridges act as the barrels in this weapon. This platform is being considered a force level option between what a Taser-type device can do and the lethal force option of a traditional firearm.

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