The JPX Jet Projector is a relatively new device which is available to both the consumer market and law enforcement agencies. It was a compact weapon system that has the ability to deploy two highly concentrated OC (oleoresin capsicum) shots with a range of approximately twenty five feet towards a target at 405 mph. This provides enough force for the OC to wrap around sunglasses and penetrate ski masks. The cartridge is inserted on top of the pistol frame and meant to be replaced after deployment. The system comes in two different varieties; a fixed blade sight version and a laser sighted version. The laser sighted version has a switch under the trigger guard that activates the laser sight. The weapon system is setup in a side by side configuration much like a double barrel shotgun. The cartridge can be quickly replaced by depressing an ambidextrous lever located close to the pistol grip. The JPX Jet Projector is available in a variety of colors including black, orange, and green. The system was designed in Switzerland and available through a variety of online retailers including Amazon.

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